This program is a consultative process by which a Specialty Pharmacy or Home Infusion organization is provided specific criteria and is coached to assure the inclusion of therapy-specific standards into its practices, develop and promote staff expertise, foster interdisciplinary collaboration, and become known for excellence in therapy-specific patient care within the community.

SPHI-CoE Qualified Programs

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Provider Benefits

  • Systematic Review of Your Program
  • Internal Leader Identification and Growth
  • Access to known Program Development Leaders
  • Interdisciplinary Teambuilding
  • Collaborative Business Planning
  • Program Goal Development and Systematic Focus
  • Imbedded Practice Guidelines
  • Clinical Confidence
  • Standardized Customer Service
  • Consistent Outcomes
  • Internal Program Promotion
  • Visibility within Your Community and Marketplace
  • Providing Your Customers … patients, prescribers, hospitals, clinics, payors, and home health agencies

Customer Benefits

  • Partnership with a provider that is
    committed to customer service and
    cost efficiency
  • Consistent and specific outcomes thatbring value and support customer goals
  • Clinical Expertise that continues customer quality of care into the patient’s home

The Specialty Pharmacy and Home Infusion Center of Excellence (SPHI-CoE) qualification has been designed to support you through the process of organizing your therapy-specific program according to criteria based on dimensions found to be in common within established health care programs. Throughout this process you will receive clinical, business, and marketing coaching from a team of
well established and respected specialty pharmacy and home infusion professionals.

The SPHI-CoE Candidate Guide provides information and instructions to apply for the qualification program within specific patient service areas. Each qualification program is facilitated and administered by Anovation, Inc., a health care consulting firm specializing in the home infusion, specialty pharmacy, and ambulatory care marketplace.

Once an application is placed, a Criteria Clarification Guide is provided that lists and explains the evidence required to meet each of the fifteen (15) SPHI-CoE criteria. You will use these criteria to prepare an Excellence Qualification Report and to organize and expand your program. This report and supporting reviewer commentary become your ongoing program manual describing program elements to your staff and your customers.

The Qualification Cycle

  • Review Candidate Guide
  • Submit your Application
  • Review your program and develop your Excellence Qualification Report
  • Submit your Excellence Qualification Report
  • Receive consultative feedback and a Preliminary Decision
  • Implement feedback and update your Excellence Qualification Report
  • Submit your Corrections
  • Receive consultative feedback and Final Decision
  • Assure criteria adherence throughout each 2-year qualification period
  • Submit biennial renewal Application
  • Repeat Qualification cycle, providing evidence of uninterrupted criteria adherence